Ravenwood Castle

The Malted Meeple

The Malted Meeple Board Game Cafe

Our mission at Ravenwood Castle is to provide our guests with a great place – and a great way – to spend quality time with family and friends. We’re thrilled to continue that mission with the launch of The Malted Meeple, your local hangout for Craft Beer, Hobby Gaming and Mega Milkshakes.

Patterned off of Ravenwood Castle’s own Raven’s Roost Pub, the Malted Meeple provides a casual environment, a great selection of craft beer, a library full of amazing games, and a friendly staff more than happy to teach them!

The Malted Meeple offers a few new twists, items that you won’t find here at Ravenwood Castle. Most notably, we have added craft milkshakes to our lineup of great beverages. Hand made with locally sourced ice cream, these shakes are sure to put a smile on your face. We even have a Mega Milkshake – at nearly two quarts you’ll want to bring some friends before tackling this beast!

We’ve also recently added two highly immersive Escape Rooms to our repertoire, allowing our guests even more opportunity for adventure!

So the next time you’re in northeast Ohio, visit the Malted Meeple at 53 Milford Drive in Hudson, Ohio, and enjoy!