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A Deadly Misadventure – April 12th & 13th!

In the dimly lit pub at Ravenwood Castle flickering torches cast eerie shadows upon ancient stone walls as a group of adventurers gathered for a night of Dungeons and Dragons. The air was thick with anticipation as they prepared to delve into a realm of magic, monsters, and mystery. The party was blissfully unaware that the lines between fantasy and reality would soon blur, plunging them into a real-life quest with deadly consequences.

Mere months prior, the castle had been the stage for an unsolved murder, a grisly event which had interrupted a similar group of players as they had set out on their own daring adventure. On this night, as on that one, a foreboding tension hung in the air, a palpable foreshadowing of the dark secrets that the castle concealed.

As the players assumed their roles in the game, their characters navigating treacherous dungeons and facing mythical beasts, a blood-curdling scream pierced the air and the adventurers found themselves ripped back into a grim reality. Another murder had occurred, echoing the previous event and hinting at an ongoing malevolent force at play.

With suspicion and paranoia gripping the remaining party members, they must unravel the twisted threads of both fantasy and reality to unveil the identity of the murderer amongst them. The castle’s ancient halls bear witness to a deadly game – one where the stakes are far from imaginary, with consequences all too real.

Are these two similar murders coincidence, or are they connected? Is someone, or something, targeting Dungeons & Dragons players? Or is there a more mundane explanation? The Ravenwood Detective Agency is calling all agents, novice and veteran alike, to answer these questions and more. Join us April 12th & 13th to tackle A Deadly Misadventure!

Tickets for A Deadly Misadventure are $100. As with all of our mysteries, the event starts after dinner on Friday. Late arrivals will be accommodated as best as possible, but to enjoy the full experience please attempt to arrive early Friday evening.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please be aware that while the theme of this mystery involves a game of Dungeons and Dragons gone wrong, the event itself is a murder mystery weekend with all of the usual activities, and is not in fact a game of Dungeons & Dragons.