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A Deadly Twist in Time – March 6th & 7th

Twice now the good Doctor has visited us at Ravenwood Castle. His previous visits have coincided with murder and mayhem, which have a tendency to follow the Doctor in his travels.

What, or who else follows the Doctor’s travels? His faithful companions, of course. Our favorite of the Doctor’s traveling friends, past, present or future, is without a doubt the Girl Who Waited, Miss Amelia Pond. It is only right and fitting then, that the Doctor’s third visit to Ravenwood Castle should focus on Miss Pond.

For nearly 35 years two unique Amy’s have existed in the universe, separated by time and space, each unaware of the other. But now, a peculiar twist in the timeline has brought them together – at the scene of a heinous murder.

Members of the Ravenwood Detective Agency are called on to clear the Pond’s of any wrongdoing, bring the actual villain to justice, and straighten out the wibbly wobbly ball of timey wimey… stuff.

Join us March 6th & 7th for the return of Doctor Who in Amy’s Paradox: A Deadly Twist in Time. Tickets are $100, and include Saturday night’s dinner. The event starts with dinner on Friday. Late arrivals will be accommodated as best as possible, but to enjoy the full experience please attempt to arrive early Friday evening. Activities conclude at breakfast on Sunday.

Being that this is the Doctor’s third visit to Ravenwood, he is likely to move on to other locations for a while. Be sure to catch what is likely to be his final visit for some time!

If you haven’t been to one of our mystery weekends and are wondering what they are all about, check out our Murder Mystery page for all of the details. And stay tuned here at Quoth the Raven to hear about the rest of the great mysteries we have planned for this season!