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Homicide in the Hills – Sept 6th & 7th!

The tranquil hills surrounding Ravenwood Castle, known for their breathtaking vistas and serene hiking trails, have long been a haven for nature enthusiasts. But a shadow has fallen over this idyllic landscape. In recent days, a series of gruesome murders have shattered the peace, leaving castle staff and guests in shock and fear. Hikers now tread the paths with trepidation, glancing over their shoulders at every rustle in the underbrush. As the body count rises, whispers of a cunning killer stalking the trails grow louder.

The once peaceful castle, perched atop a foggy hill, seems to watch over the unfolding drama. Could one of the castle’s nature-loving guests have an ulterior motive for their time amongst the trees? Or might one of the familiar faces of Ravenwood’s staff harbor dark intentions? What sinister secrets lie within the hills and hollows beyond the castle’s walls?

The Ravenwood Detective Agency is calling all agents, novice and veteran alike, to answer these questions and more. Join us September 6th & 7th for Homicide in the Hills!

Tickets for Homicide in the Hills are $100. As with all of our mysteries, the event starts after dinner on Friday. Late arrivals will be accommodated as best as possible, but to enjoy the full experience please attempt to arrive early Friday evening.