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Return of Night of the Living Dead – Jan 31st & Feb 1st

Believe it or not there are less than ten Shadow Stalkers mysteries left to be announced! We’re using these last mysteries as an opportunity to look back on nearly a decade of Ravenwood Castle/Shadow Stalker collaboration. In the next few weeks we will be revisiting our first mystery, Death in Small Doses. Though that tale of poison may have been our first collaboration, things really took off when we stirred a little pop culture into the mix. Our fourth mystery introduced our detectives to zombies, and resulted in our fastest booking show ever. Zombies went on to become our most popular theme ever as well, with a whopping six mysteries dedicated to the shambling dead. It’s actually been more than two years since our last zombie themed mystery however, making now a perfect time to revisit them. We invite you to take a trip back to that first mystery, in (Return of) the Night of the Living Dead!

Driven from their homes by the outbreak of a mysterious disease which turns its victims into flesh eating monsters, a small party of human survivors have taken refuge in a lonely hilltop castle. It remains to be seen whether they’ve reached safety – or have walked into a trap – for the surrounding forest is filled with zombies in search of a midnight snack. Our survivors’ only hope is to venture out into the night and find the remains of recent victims. Zombies are messy eaters, and their saliva carries a strange toxin that holds the key to reversing this plague. And as if a zombie outbreak were not enough, one of the survivors has turned up dead inside the castle itself, and signs point to foul play.

Zombies outside the walls, and a murderer inside, is nowhere safe? Are you brave enough to face the Living Dead, and lucky enough to return with a handful of zombie leftovers? Can you cure the plague and solve the mystery? Will you fall victim to the killer, or become one of the walking dead?

Join us January 31st & February 1st for the return of the Night of the Living Dead. Tickets for the Night of the Living Dead are $100, and include Saturday night’s dinner. As with all of our mysteries, the event starts with dinner on the first night. Late arrivals will be accommodated as best as possible, but to enjoy the full experience please attempt to arrive early Friday evening.

And stay tuned for more upcoming announcements for the 2019-2020 murder mystery season!

If you haven’t been to one of our mystery weekends and are wondering what they are all about, check out our Murder Mystery page for all of the details. And stay tuned here at Quoth the Raven to hear about the rest of the great mysteries we have planned for this season!

Zombies at the Night of the Living Dead