Activity Spotlight – Vinton County Air Show

There are a lot of great activities in the area around Ravenwood Castle. Hiking, canoeing, zip lines and horseback riding immediately come to mind. But did you know that the area features Ohio’s largest free air show?

That’s right, the annual Vinton County Air Show takes place at the Vinton County Airport, just a few miles from Ravenwood!

The air show day begins at 11:00 AM, when the food vendors open shop. Enjoy one of the airport’s famous BBQ chicken dinners, or one of the may other culinary delights from a variety of vendors.  For a sweet treat, be sure not to miss the candy drop, always a favorite for the kids.

The air show itself begins at 1:00 PM, and features some of the finest air show performers around. Entertainment includes acrobatic flying, skydiving, and remote-controlled planes which are sure to be a thrill to spectators on the ground. The more adventurous can get a taste of flight themselves as airplane rides are available after the show!

Be sure to mark your calendars for the annual Vinton County Air Show on September 17, 2017 from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own chairs as seating is limited.

The Vinton County Airport is located at 66285 Airport Road, New Plymouth, Ohio 45654.

Jim Reed

Jim Reed is a lifelong gamer who started with the original red box Dungeons & Dragons. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, he decided it was high time that work be fun and struck out on his own. Jim now owns and operates Ravenwood Castle, and spends his days ensuring his guests have as much fun as he does.