Activity Spotlight – Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

In the Activity Spotlight we highlight some of the many great activities available within a short drive from Ravenwood Castle.

There are a lot of great activities in and around the Hocking Hills area. We’ve written about quite a few of them right here on our Activity Spotlight. Hiking, horseback riding, and canoeing are sure to top any list of outdoor entertainment in the area, but did you know that the Hocking Hills is also the canopy tour capital of the Midwest? According to the Hocking Hills official website, “more than 60 ziplines provide a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking landscape as you fly from treetop to treetop.”

There has been a virtual explosion of zip line and canopy tour operators in the area over the last decade. The first was The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, which is now celebrating its 10th year in operation. Earlier this summer we took an afternoon to visit, and had a great time playing in the trees.

The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours boasts half a dozen separate activities on site, including two canopy tours, two specialized ziplines, Segway adventures and the “Rockbridge Encounter”, an interpretive guided adventure.

During our visit Pam, the girls and I experienced the Original Canopy Tour, a two and a half to three hour adventure featuring ten zip lines, five sky bridges, one rappel and a whole lot of amazing scenery.

After nearly three hours in the tree tops you’d think we’d want to be on solid ground again. You’d be wrong. We immediately signed up for the SuperZip, a quarter mile, side by side zipline race from the top of an 85 foot tower. Oh, and did I mention you’re zipping along in a face down super hero like flying position??


Pam and I have been on a number of zip lines and canopy tours, from as near as the Adirondacks to as far away as Alaska. Zipping through the treetops is one of our favorite vacation activities. We can say with confidence that the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours ranks up there with the best of them. And though this was the first treetop adventure for the girls, they were instantly hooked!

The next time you visit the Hocking Hills area, do yourself a favor, and check out the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours for an experience you won’t soon forget!

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Jim Reed

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