Choose Your Own Adventure Part V, The Results

In a recent blog post we sought out the assistance of you, our readers and guests. Your task – to decide where we should send the daring detectives of the Ravenwood Detective Agency in the coming season. Your quest, as it were, was to Choose Your Own Adventure.

As always, you did not disappoint. As a group you came up with a myriad of possible adventures. Some suggestions were amazing. Some few were not. A couple were… well perhaps best not spoken of again.

But when the competition’s final bell rang, the results were clear. This season I hope our detectives have their passwords, secret handshakes and decoder rings handy, as they will be delving into the mysterious world of secret societies!

Will the Ravenwood Detectives square off against the Knights Templar or the Illuminati? Perhaps the Freemasons or Skull and Bones will need the assistance of our intrepid sleuths? We could tell you more, but not until you’ve passed initiation…

The exact theme for our Secret Societies mystery will be made clear later in the season. For now, stay tuned here on Quoth the Raven for more announcements in the 2018-2019 Murder Mystery season!

If you haven’t been to one of our mystery weekends and are wondering what they are all about, check out our Murder Mystery page for all of the details. And stay tuned here at Quoth the Raven for announcements about the upcoming 2018-2019 murder mystery season!

Jim Reed

Jim Reed is a lifelong gamer who started with the original red box Dungeons & Dragons. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, he decided it was high time that work be fun and struck out on his own. Jim now owns and operates Ravenwood Castle, and spends his days ensuring his guests have as much fun as he does.