The Mad Professor’s Halloweekend – Oct 26th & 27th!

Autumn is perhaps my favorite time of year at Ravenwood Castle. Not only for the cooler temperatures and color in the leaves, but also as it brings with it one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!

We have a Halloween tradition here at Ravenwood Castle. Every year, we invite Mad Professor von Gerd to join us for the weekend and conduct a series of “experiments” with the help of our guests.

The center piece of the Mad Professor’s Halloweekend is a weekend long contest of Deathly Deals, an experiment designed to test your cunning, intellect, and ability to manipulate and maneuver your fellow guests.

The contest begins Friday night upon your arrival at Ravenwood Castle, when you will receive a mysterious package filled with several forms of “carrion currency” and a single hint. The observant guest will soon discover that their hint differs from that provided to others. Do you openly share your hint with your fellow guests? Or will you bargain your unique and valuable information to gain an advantage over the other subjects? These and other questions will be examined in detail throughout the experiment!

The experiment spans the entire weekend, from check in on Friday through the closing ceremony at breakfast Sunday morning. As if that weren’t enough, the weekend is also filled with a variety of entertaining and exciting games, events, and activities, including:

Werewolf will be the featured Friday evening activity. Can you discover which of your fellow guests are actually werewolves before they make you their next meal?

Witches’ Curses will be played throughout the entire weekend. Guests will begin with a unique curse, a word they are forbidden to say. Trick someone into saying their forbidden word and their curse gets transferred to you. Why would you want that? Because this is a wicked weekend, remember? The guest with the most curses at the end of the evening wins the favor of the witches!

Zombie Teeth will provide the entertainment Saturday evening. Some guests have been infected with the zombie virus, some are vampires, and others are werewolves. All players want to spread there own faction’s virus/curse! If you convert a guest to your faction, you get all of their zombie teeth! The faction with the most zombie teeth at the end of the evening wins!

Two Rooms and a Boo! Is anyone actually human?!? In this Halloween themed version of Two Rooms and a Boom, half of the guests are ghosts trying to protect the castle from ghost hunters. Guests are split into two different rooms, and at the end of timed rounds, a few selected guests trade rooms. At the end of the last round, if the ghost hunter’s trap is in the same room as the Royal Ghost, ghost hunters win. Otherwise, the ghosts win.

Fairytale Betrayal simulates a royal ball straight out of fairy tales. All guests are assigned a classic fairy tale character. Will you be Aladdin? Rapunzel? Or maybe even the wicked Blue Beard. The evil characters summoned a Kansas tornado in the ball, and now all guests are missing their magical artifacts. Can Cinderella find her glass slipper before time runs out? Will the Huntsman find his axe before the Big Bad Wolf finds Riding Hood? Can you trust the Little Mermaid actually has your magical pea, or is that actually a villain in disguise about to give you the poisoned apple? The better you know your fairy tales the better you may fair in this exciting party game.

Cookie Monster Contest! Throughout Saturday afternoon and evening, decorate monster cookies and see if you can create the best monster of them all!

Thingy! Think hidden role game meets an escape room. All guests are trying to escape the laboratory, but must work together to do so. Unfortunately, some of the guests are infected with a virus and or secretly sabotaging escape efforts while also infecting other guests.

Costume Contest! Come prepared to celebrate the original cosplay event: Halloween! Awards will go to the funniest costume, the best presentation, and the best overall costume.

Monster Monikers Professor von Gerd brings guests together with his variant of the classic game of Celebrities. Participating guests must cooperate with one another against the clock. Can you get your team mates to guess what monster is on your card?

Join us the weekend of October 26th and 27th for a one of a kind Halloween celebration!

Tickets for The Mad Professor’s Halloweekend are $75.

The Mad Professor’s Halloweekend is presented by Tuesday Knight Games, publisher of many great games, including the extremely popular Two Rooms and a Boom and the upcoming That’s Not Lemonade!

Jim Reed

Jim Reed is a lifelong gamer who started with the original red box Dungeons & Dragons. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, he decided it was high time that work be fun and struck out on his own. Jim now owns and operates Ravenwood Castle, and spends his days ensuring his guests have as much fun as he does.