Sherlock Holmes and the Steampunk Enigma – Dec 30th & 31st

In our last murder mystery announcement, I mentioned that we would be using the final stretch of Shadow Stalker mysteries to pay homage to the classics. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean our Ravenwood Detectives won’t still get to experience some of our signature pop-culture environments, it just means we’ll be sprinkling in a bit more grit, a bit more noir, and a bit more classicalism. And when it comes to mysteries, what’s more classic than Sherlock Holmes? For this year’s New Year’s Eve mystery, we are thrilled to once again honor the greatest detective of all time. And we’re doing so with a nod back to the first time the Shadow Stalkers brought Mr. Holmes to Ravenwood, on a New Year’s Eve five years ago…

The Steampunk Killings. That’s how they’d come to be known. A slate of meticulous, precise, almost machine like murders in a lonely castle in the woods. Five years have passed since the case of the Steampunk Killings was closed. Five years to the day.

The same castle in the woods.

The same New Year’s Eve celebration.

The only thing different was the victim – although the bloody cogwheel found beside the corpse was familiar, and a perfect match for the fatal wound.

Had the case of the Steampunk Killings been closed to soon? Was the killer still out there, and striking again after five years of silence? Or was this a mere facsimile of the original crime? If so, were there more killings to come? The Ravenwood Detective Agency calls all agents to assist the greatest detective of all time in answering these questions and more!

Join us December 30th & 31st for Sherlock Holmes and the Steampunk Enigma. Tickets for Sherlock Holmes and the Steampunk Enigma are $100, and include Tuesday night’s dinner. As with all of our mysteries, the event starts with dinner on the first night. Late arrivals will be accommodated as best as possible, but to enjoy the full experience please attempt to arrive early Monday evening.

And stay tuned for more upcoming announcements for the 2019-2020 murder mystery season!

If you haven’t been to one of our mystery weekends and are wondering what they are all about, check out our Murder Mystery page for all of the details. And stay tuned here at Quoth the Raven to hear about the rest of the great mysteries we have planned for this season!

Jim Reed

Jim Reed is a lifelong gamer who started with the original red box Dungeons & Dragons. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, he decided it was high time that work be fun and struck out on his own. Jim now owns and operates Ravenwood Castle, and spends his days ensuring his guests have as much fun as he does.