Gaming at Ravenwood

Board gaming is one of the cornerstones of Ravenwood Castle. We are home to an extensive game library of 100+ games for guest use and we even host gaming retreats of all kinds! Whether it be a corporate strategy weekend (with team building over games) or a bunch of friends looking to host a unique event – Ravenwood is an ideal backdrop for events of many sizes. Not only that, but Ravenwood hosts two board gaming conventions a year under normal circumstances (Con in the Castle and Hoop & Stick Con) with Guests of Honor like Plaid Hat or Fireside Games.

We do understand that our board game library can seem pretty daunting if your board game playing starts and ends with Monopoly or Scrabble. Both amazing games, but once you see our shelves full of games, you may find yourself scratching your head as to where to start! This week on Quoth the Raven we are going to highlight three popular games that our guests seem to grab again and again. Do you have a favorite you love to play when you’re at the Castle? We’d love to know!

Forbidden Island – 2-4 players, 30 minutes, ages 10+

This game has a twist unlike the other two we listed: rather than working against your fellow players, you must work together in order to win! With the way the game is designed, it provides for ultimate replayability. Players take turns moving their pawns around the board (the island). As the game progresses, more and more island tiles sink, becoming unavailable, and the pace increases. Players use strategies to keep the island from sinking, while trying to collect treasures and items. As the water level rises, it gets more difficult and sacrifices must be made.

Ticket to Ride – 2-5 players, 30-60 minutes, ages 8+

Ticket to Ride is a great game to introduce to family or friends who don’t have a lot of experience with a more involved tabletop game – it can be learned in under 15 minutes! The board is a map of the United States and showcases different cities and train routes. The goal is for players to collect types of train cars and then claim routes across the board. The longer you can get your railway route to be, the more points you accrue! Building long connections isn’t the only way players can obtain points. There is also something called “Destination Tickets” that serve as goal cards which give players specific tasks to complete.

Arkham Horror – 1-8 players, 120-240 minutes, ages 14+

If you’re looking for a game that is a little more involved in terms of playtime and difficulty, Arkham Horror is a good place to start if you like anything Lovecraftian. This cooperative adventure game is themed around H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos and players take on the roles of investigators in the city of Arkham, Massachusetts in the 1920s. During the game players will “level up” their investigator by acquiring new skills, weapons, spells, and more. You will face many foes on your journey but the biggest concern is making sure that the Ancient One (chosen before the game) doesn’t make its way through to our world. Each investigator comes with their own character card and each has a special set of skills and attributes – work together to keep the city safe and the horror at bay!

Whether you want to duke it out in the Great Hall while sipping your morning coffee or take things downstairs to the Pub and swig a few Castle Butterbeers, there are plenty of common areas for you to game in. If you’d rather retire to your own accommodation for privacy, don’t worry. Grab a few games that catch your eye so that you can stay cozied up next to your fireplace all day! Stay AND play with us this season!

Molly Smith

Molly Smith is a member of the Ravenwood Detective Agency, and loves to hunt zombies. Her passion for guest satisfaction and love for event planning led her to Ravenwood Castle.