Expert Scavenger Hunt

Ravenwood Castle prides itself on our various on site activities including the board game library, hiking trails, and collection of DVDs and books. Over the course of the last year we have added an activity that has been an absolute hit – scavenger hunts!

Our scavenger hunts have been successful among guests of all ages. One of the goals of our hunts is to help you, the guest, explore our Castle and grounds while finding nooks and crannies you may not have otherwise found. While some of the items may be difficult to decipher, we’re happy to say… we’re about to make it even harder!

We are thrilled to announce that there are now officially four scavenger hunts with the addition of our Expert Scavenger Hunt. If you’ve tackled our other three hunts and are ready for a truly head-scratching experience, this is the one for you.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts about this new challenge – good luck!

Molly Smith

Molly Smith is a member of the Ravenwood Detective Agency, and loves to hunt zombies. Her passion for guest satisfaction and love for event planning led her to Ravenwood Castle.