Ravenwood Castle’s Hiking Guide

Ravenwood Castle serves as the ideal destination for hiking in Hocking Hills. The Castle is centrally located to the most popular trails the area has to offer.

Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll or an adventurous trek, the trails at and around Ravenwood provide the perfect escape into the great outdoors. No matter your skill level, there is a trail for you.

Onsite Hiking

Our trails are perfect for warming up before embarking on bigger adventures in the area. Grab a map when you check in!

Ash Cave 

Located 15 minutes from the Castle. Approximately a 1/2 mile long. It is a one-way trail system but wheelchair accessible (to a series of steps that are a strenuous climb). Hikers will trek on an asphalt trail through a beautiful gorge lined with stately hemlocks and cliff walls. Halfway, there is a recess cave and a seasonal waterfall.

Cedar Falls

Located 15 minutes from the Castle. The path is approximately a 1/2 mile long and relatively strenuous with steps. It is a one-way trail system with a waterfall, bridges, and unique rock formations. Halfway, hikers can take in the beauty of a seasonal waterfall reached by hiking a rugged trail down steps and along a dirt path. This hike is a bit more strenuous and involves a moderate incline, steps, and steeper terrain.

Old Man’s Cave

Located 20 minutes from the Castle. There is a one-way loop trail that is approximately 1 to 1.5 miles long and begins at the kiosk at Upper Falls. A wheelchair/stroller accessible trail runs from the park/camp office past the visitor center to Lodge Road. At points this hike involves a moderate to a steep incline, uneven steps, cliff edges, and steeper terrain. It is not suitable for young children or pets.

Conkle’s Hollow

Located 25 minute from the Castle. There are two trails to hike, Upper Trail and Lower Trail.  This hike may be considered strenuous and has steep inclines, uneven steps, 70 to 100-foot cliff drops, paths with visible roots, and steep terrain. This trail is not suitable for pets or young children.

Rock House 

Located 30 minutes from the Castle. Rock House Loop Trail is about 1 mile. Hikers enter from either the upper or lower parking lot, but both trails come together and exit at the shelter house (at the top). The trail to Rock House has steps, a strenuous grade, and beautiful views year-round. Rock House is a one-way loop trail system.

Cantwell Cliffs

Located 35 minutes from the Castle. The path is the most rugged in the park system and has a one-way in and one-way out loop. The trail is strenuous with many steps. Cantwell Cliffs is the least crowded of the seven areas and busier during the weekends. Cantwell is also the most remote of the seven trails.

To make the most of your hiking adventure, start your day with a hearty breakfast in the Great Hall before heading out. Bring plenty of water, pack your camera, and wear comfortable hiking shoes. After a day on the trails, return to the comfort of the Castle, where you can relax and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Looking for more inspiration for exploration? Pick up your Explore Passport in the office when you check in!

Hiking not only offers you a chance to reconnect with nature but also enhances your overall stay, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Book your stay at the Castle today and find your new favorite trail!

Molly Smith

Molly Smith is a member of the Ravenwood Detective Agency, and loves to hunt zombies. Her passion for guest satisfaction and love for event planning led her to Ravenwood Castle.