Ravenwood Castle

Castle Update

It has been over a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last year we have all […]

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Activity Spotlight – Zaleski Candle Works

Last week on Quoth the Raven we shared the story of Hope Furnace near Zaleski State Park and we’re back […]

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Activity Spotlight: The Hope Furnace

Anyone and everyone who knows about Hocking Hills seems to be familiar with the classics: Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, […]

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Stargazing in Hocking Hills

There’s a lot of things to love about the Hocking Hills area: the tranquility of nature, exhilarating hiking trails, breathtaking […]

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Legends & Lore: Medieval Bakers

It’s safe to say that we all went through some fairly significant phases around this time last year. As the […]

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Activity Spotlight: Jack Pine Studio

Blown Away. No, I’m not talking about the feeling you get every time you read one of our blog posts, […]

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Weekend Werewolf – May 14th & 15th!

We are thrilled to announce that the Mad Professor von Gerd, creator of our popular Halloweekend events, will be returning […]

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Scavenger Hunt Update!

There truly is no better place to unwind than in a Castle in the breathtaking region of Hocking Hills. There […]

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LAST CHANCE! Hoop & Stick 2021 Donation Matching!

This year marks the first year that Hoop & Stick Con has been cancelled at Ravenwood Castle. For those of […]

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Legends & Lore: Medieval Weddings

With love still lingering in the air after Valentine’s Day we found it appropriate to dive into a more romantic […]

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