Ravenwood Castle

Captain Ravenbeard’s Treasure – March 15th & 16th!

As the holidays get underway and we near the end of the year, we also approach another milestone – the […]

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The von Ravenwood Murders – March 8th & 9th!

Over the years, we have come up with a lot of themes for our murder mysteries. The Ravenwood Detective Agency […]

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Death by R.A.V.E.N. – Feb 1st & 2nd!

A few weeks ago, I announced Murder Most Magical, a return to the wizardly world and one of our all-time […]

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Murder Most Magical – Jan 25th & 26th!

The 2018-2019 Murder Mystery season is well underway, with fully half of the season’s mysteries already announced! So far this […]

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A Murder at Midnight – Dec 30th & 31st!

Over the years the Ravenwood Detective Agency has tackled a lot of mysteries. One of the things that we enjoy […]

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The Scarlet Raven’s Castle Caper – Nov 9th & 10th!

We’ve launched a lot of new murder mystery themes over the last few years. From vampires to dinosaurs, and aliens […]

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A Murder in Time – Nov 2nd & 3rd!

While we here at Ravenwood Castle and the Shadow Stalkers love to come up with new mystery themes, we also […]

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Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Menagerie – Sept 14th & 15th

This week continues our launch of the 2018-2019 Murder Mystery season, with the announcement of the second mystery of the […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure Part V, The Results

In a recent blog post we sought out the assistance of you, our readers and guests. Your task – to […]

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The Bigfoot Files – Sept 7th & 8th

Summer is in full swing, and we have arrived at my personal favorite time of the year – Murder Mystery […]

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